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How can I verify my mobile number on your site?

There are two ways to register your number on
  • 1. With the help of the verification code that you will receive on your mobile; OR
  • 2. By dialing the 1800-***-**** number provided to you at the time of registration.

I have still not received the verification code, What do I do?

The verification code for registration, is usually sent immediately, to your mobile. However, due to the new TRAI regulation, if your number is registered under the DND (Do Not Disturb) list, you may not receive the code on your mobile. To receive the code on your mobile, type STOP DND and SMS it to 1909. You can then mail us at with STOP DND in the subject line; and we will send you the code again.

How can I verify my mobile number using the 1-800-**** number?

To verify your mobile number using the 1-800-**** number, follow the below mentioned steps exactly:
  • 1. Log-in to using your mobile number/email id and password.
  • 2. Click on the "Free SMS" link.
  • 3. Dial the COMPLETE toll-free11-digit (1-800-***-****) number provided to you. No one will answer the call. It will automatically disconnect after two rings and your number will be verified.

Will I be charged for dialing the 1-800-**** number?

No. The 1-800-**** number is a toll-free number; and you will not be charged for dialing it. No one is answering the 1-800-**** number.

Now what do I do?

No one is supposed to answer the 1-800-**** number. When you dial this number it is supposed to automatically disconnect after two rings. This means that your number is now verified and you do not require the verification code anymore.


I have received my reward code. How do I claim my gift ?

In the email that you would have received, there is a link to the rewards section. The link is - After you click on this link, you need to enter the gift/reward code. You will then see a form which you need to fill. All other information regarding the item is available on this page. Please go through all the information carefully before filling up the form

I am facing issues with placing the order and I need to talk to someone who can help with procedure ?

You can call customer support at 011-65702666 if you need help with placing the order and other information.

When I enter my reward/gift code, the link does not open. What should I do ?

Usually this should not happen. Our servers and site is working 99.98% of the day. You should check the following.
  • A. Check your internet connection and ensure that it is working.
  • B. Ensure that you are entering the correct gift/coupon code. Do not leave any space between the alphabets and the digits. There is no space in the gift/coupon code
  • C. Try using a different browser. If you are using Internet Explorer, try to use other browser like Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome and check if the site is working.
  • D. Wait for sometime and try re-opening the site. If the site still does not work you can contact us at

Why are you giving the gift free of cost or at a highly discounted price ? What benefit does gets by giving away free items or items at a highly discounted price ? has partnered with several brands for promotions. is one of India’s largest internet community and social network. Hundreds of companies advertise on through various channels. We advertise for our partners through contests, banners, SMS, emails and in return they provide us with stock of some of their products which we give away to our members/visitors for free or at a highly discounted price. For example, Optima Watches a leading Watch Brand has asked us to promote their brand through banners on our site, SMS, emails and contests. They also have access to unlimited classified ads on our site and they have access to unlimited resumes and job openings on our job section. In return of this package they provide us with stock of their premium range of watches which we can give away to our members. With a lot of other brands, we simply purchase the products at a very high discount and provide them with free advertising.

What is Cash on Delivery ?

Cash on delivery is a method of payment. In this method we send the item to you through a reputed courier company. The courier company will contact you with an SMS or a phone call and will ask you for a suitable time to deliver the item. When the courier boy from the company comes, then you need to pay him the amount. After receiving the amount the Courier Boy will hand over the item to you.

How much do I have to pay to the Courier person when he comes for the delivery of the gift item ?

The amount that you have to pay is different for different items. This amount is mentioned when you filled the online form. This amount is also mentioned in the confirmation SMS that you would have received after placing the order. This amount is also written on the packet/item when the courier person comes to deliver the item. If you still don’t know the amount that you have to pay, kindly email along with the gift/item for which you are inquiring.

Will I get to see the item before I pay ? Will the courier company allows open delivery ?

No open delivery is not allowed. Please understand that the courier company is just a medium of transport. They cannot take responsibility of the item/gift. The responsibility of the item/gift is with the company/vendor which is providing the warranty on the item. The courier company cannot allow you to see the gift before paying. Incase you do not wish to take the item, please do not argue/fight with the courier boy. Simply ask him to return/ take back the item.

Can I Collect the item from your office on my own ?

We send you the items from different locations depending upon the company from whom the item is coming. Items can come to you from Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi and many more locations. Thus we need to send the item to you through courier only.

I am trying to use my debit, credit or net banking account but the transaction is not going through ? What should I do ?

We have tied up with the best payment gateways and banks in the country. Please check your internet connection. Also check if you are putting in all the correct information regarding your card, expiry date, ccv number etc. After your payment goes through successfully, you will reach the confirmation page where you will see the Order No. and confirmation message. Incase you still face issues, write to

I placed an order with the Cash on Delivery option but I haven’t received the item. What should I do ?

When you place an order with the cash on delivery option, we ship the item to you the next day itself. You also receive an email with the name of the courier company and the docket number with which the item is sent to you. You can track your courier by visiting the website of the courier company and entering the docket number. You can also call the courier company and inquire about the item. The courier boy from the courier company also contacts you in 3-4 days after we send the item. Please make sure that you save the number of the courier boy and coordinate with him to get your courier. Kindly contact us if you still face issues.

I have placed an order with credit/debit card or net banking option but I have not received the item. What should I do?

We ship the item the next working day and you should receive your item within 4-5 days. The only time the delay can happen is when your address/pin code is not serviced by any of our courier companies and we have to send the item through speed post. Incase of speed post the delivery can take upto 10 days. You can send an email to and get detailed information on your courier.

I am very unhappy with the gift I have received. What can I do ?

Customer satisfaction is our prime concern and we take the same very seriously. Since we have partnered with several brands we like to keep a check on all our partners and ensure that they are sending out good quality items. We have thousands of satisfied and happy customers and we would YOU like to be one of them. In case you are not happy with your gift/item you need not worry. We have a 15 days no questions asked return policy. This policy means that you can return the item to us and we will issue a full refund/ amount that you paid within 2 working days. Please visit the following link to view the details -

I have received a damaged gift. I feel the gift is not of the value as it was advertised. What can I do ?

Incase you have received a damaged gift/item, you can return the same to us for a replacement. Customer satisfaction is our prime concern and we take the same very seriously. Since we have partnered with several brands we like to keep a check on all our partners and ensure that they are sending out good quality items. We have thousands of satisfied and happy customers and we would YOU like to be one of them. Incase you are not happy with your gift/item you need not worry. We have a 15 days no questions asked return policy. This policy means that you can return the item to us and we will issue a full refund/ amount that you paid within 2 working days. Please visit the following link to view the details -

I have received an email/message from your side regarding a gift or an item which is highly discounted. Is the message real or fake?

Please verify the information that it is coming from the correct source. You should receive the email from or The link to our reward section is - If you receive a call from anyone who is claiming to be from and you feel that he is not the right person, you can send an email to and with the name and contact number of the person and we will cross check and confirm the identity

Winners, Prizes & Announcements

What gift will I get if I have scored the highest in a contest ? How do you distribute the total prize money for a contest?

We DO NOT distribute cash or money for any of our contests. We try to give the best possible prize to as many winners and participants as possible as we believe that contests should be played in good spirit and healthy competition. The number of prizes and gifts and the cost of the prize varies from contest to contest and also depends upon the availability of certain items with branded companies that we have tied up for prizes.

What if I do not like the prize/gift that you have sent ?

We have tied up with some excellent brands and give away exceptionally wonderful products as prizes. If you are still not satisfied with the gift/prize then you can simply courier the same back to us and we will replace it or fully refund the processing charges. Once we have received the item back, we refund the processing charges within 2 days time.

Will I be charged for courier, handling, processing and taxes ?

The team at does every effort to make sure that your experience is good on the site. We have tied up with some excellent brands and companies so that we can give you the best prizes possible. You might have to pay a small amount towards courier, handling, processing and taxes as we cannot cover those.

I have confirmed my Prize With Your Customer Care Department but I still have not received the same ?

We ship prizes in 2-3 days time after confirmation. You will also receive an email with the courier docket number and details. Incase you did not receive the same you can call back to our customer care department and get the courier details. Incase of shipments through speed post, we are unable to provide you with the docket numbers.

How will I be contacted if I am a Winner?

You will be contacted through email, SMS or a telephonic call from our end. Kindly wait for atleast 1 month before contacting us through email or telephone regarding your prize. Make sure that your email and mobile number on our site is correct. You can edit the same in My Profile -> Edit Profile I have participated in a contest. When will the winners be declared ? After a contest ends, it takes us upto a month to finalize the scores and announce the winners. Sometimes we announce the winners within a week. This depends upon the backend manpower that we have to reconcile records and finalize the results depending upon the contest type. We thank you for your patience.


What are e-greetings or e-cards ?

E-greetings or e-cards are electronic greetings that you can send to your friends, family and colleagues to wish them on different occasions.

Do you charge for the e-greetings that we can send through ?

While a lot of other sites charge you a fixed amount per year or a charge per e-card sent, sending e-greetings through is completely free.

Who makes these e-greetings ? has an internal team of conceptualizers, flash and graphic designers and content writers who are continuously working to develop innovative and creative e-cards for you to send. We would appreciate that you use this section extensively to appreciate the work of our in-house creative team.

What categories of e-cards are available on the site ?

E-cards on different occasions, festivals and events are available on the site. Some of the categories under which over 1000 e-cards are available are New Year, Christmas, Friendship, Love, Valentine Day, Birthday, Diwali, Miss You, Inspirational, Anniversary, Stay In Touch, Everyday Cards, At Work and Thank You.

Can I customize the e-cards on the site ?

Yes e-cards available on the site are fully customizable. You can change the background of the e-greeting, font style, color and size to fit your requirement.

How Do I personalize the card ? To how many recipients can I send the card at one go ?

For every card you can write your own personalized message and send it to upto 10 recipients through a manual invite. There is an option to put the mobile number as well which will send an alert to the recipient that you have sent him an ecard. The sms alert will also carry the code which the recipient can use to retrieve the e-greeting on the site.

How do I send e-cards to multiple people from my gmail or other address books ?

You can now send an e-card to your contacts from your address book at one GO. Use our address book importer tool, to view your contacts, select the ones to whom you want to send the e-card and simply click Send. Each recipient will ONLY see its name on the e-card, which means that the e-card will get personalized automatically for all recipients that you have chosen.

How do I know if my e-greeting has been sent ? How would I know if it has been viewed ?

You will receive a confirmation email with the details of the e-greeting along with a link so that you can review it. We will also send you an email when the e-greeting has been viewed by the recipient.

My Account

I am entering the right username and password but I still cannot log into my account. Why ?

Before you try anything else, you must retrieve your password through the “Forgot Password” link and then try using it. If you have been using your free sms account for any bulk sms activities, then there is a possibility that our automated system might have deactivated your account. Check if your “Caps Lock” on your keyboard is on as you may be typing your password in capital letters. If you still cannot log in, which is a very rare possibility, drop us an email at

How do I terminate or close my account ?

We are always sorry to know when our esteemed members wish to terminate their accounts. We respect your privacy. To ensure that we terminate the right account, you need to send us an email from your registered email id to with an account termination request.

I have forgotten both my email id and mobile number with which I registered on the site. How do I log in ?

You will need to create a new account.

I have forgotten the email id with which I registered ?

You can log into the site with your mobile number and password OR your email id and password. You need to know one of these combinations to enter.

I have forgotten my password ? What do I do?

If you have forgotten your password, kindly visit the sign-in section. Enter your registered mobile number OR registered e-mail id; and click on "Forgot Password". You will be asked to fill in the mobile number or e-mail, where you want to receive your password. Please fill in the same and you will immediately receive your password.

How do I change my mobile number ?

You can change your mobile number and other details through my account section after you log into your account. After you log into, on the left hand panel at the bottom, you will see an option "Change Mobile Number".

Can I change my username or sender id ?

Yes, you can change your user name by logging in and then through the complete update profile link on the left hand side menu. Your user name also defines your sender id, which is the identity which your friends and family will see to whom you send free sms.

Premium Members

When do you announce winners to your monthly lucky draws ?

We run multiple contests and schemes on the site and announce winners from time to time. You will receive a call or email from us if you are a winner.

I am a premium member but I have not received my gift vouchers ? When will I receive my gift vouchers ?

When you become a premium member, you instantly receive one gift voucher. If you haven’t received the gift voucher in your email, please write to us and we will resend the same. The second gift voucher will be sent later when we receive an excellent deal from a big brand or vendor.

I am unable to send to 160 character long messages. I only have 130 characters to type. Why ?

As a free sms site, TRAI requires us to include the mobile number of the sender along with the name of the site in the message. After including these, the 160 character message is left with 130 characters to type. We consider those 30 characters as part of your message.

I have invited my friends but I still have not become a premium member ?

There is a very rare chance that this might happen as we have a completely automated process. If you have invited your friends, you will become a premium member instantly.

How do I become a premium member ?

Help Us Spread the Word. Just invite 20 friends to use and get the premium member status. To invite,

What are the benefits of becoming a premium member ?

As a premium member you get full 160 character limit in the SMS that you send from the site as compared to 80 characters which other members get. You also get 30 more SMS to send leading to a total of 100 SMS per day. You also get 2 gift vouchers and a chance to win attractive prizes in monthly draws.