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About Us

With the fast moving world today, the basic need of communication is what drove Service Magic Infojobs Pvt Ltd, the team company behind, to build a site that can cater to the intrinsic need of reaching out and making oneself heard. Over the time, with research and growing demands, has evolved into a one-stop portal which saves consumer's time and effort in hopping from one site to another. With extensive research and public surveys, has emerged as one of the leading web portals that features the full package of entertainment, news, user interaction and of course, the primary mode of communication these days- SMS. has been created with the idea of bringing the most important aspects of today's e-life on one single platform considering the busy schedules a common man has today. With, you can send unlimited free SMS to any mobile in India from anywhere in the world and stay in touch with your friends and family. Showcase your views and share with the world with the easy-to-create blogs. With over 2.5 million active users, is always buzzing with activity. You will never miss any latest happenings, Bollywood gossip, movie trailers or the latest clicks of your favorite celebrities when you are with us. The weekly contests and games encourage user interactions and a chance to bag exciting prizes. Our new feature-, will help you in finding that dream job or hiring the perfect candidates. We believe in innovation that satisfies the user and helps in the overall evolution of our website for a fresh and ever-improving tomorrow.

For your feedback, suggestions or comments, you can write to us at

Our Vision

SMSFI was created with the aim to meet the various needs of consumers under a single portal. We consider it our responsibility towards the society to facilitate user-interaction by creating a social platform which brings people from different walks of life together.

Our vision is to cater to the 3 C's that form an intrinsic make-up of humans. These are Communication, Curiosity and Competition. With our free SMS to anywhere in India, SMSFI encourages everyone to stay in touch with their loved ones. We have created an Infotainment platform that will keep you abreast with all the latest happenings around you. In today's competitive world, SMSFI helps you in carving a niche for yourself by allowing you to keep yourself updated with the vacancies in your work sector through

All in all, we have developed SMSFI keeping in mind the basic needs of each individual and strive to work in this direction with your valuable suggestions and feedback.

Our Mission

To quote in a very few words possible, SMSFI's mission is a 'Happy and Informed Consumer.' We understand your needs and also value your time. A one-stop portal minimizes the effort and time of hopping from one site to another in search of news, latest movie reviews, entertainment updates, job openings, etc. SMSFI brings you all this and more on one single page.

Today, is a center of constant activity with over 12 million page views a month and over 2.5 million active and satisfied users staying connected with the world and their loved ones through

SMSFI is committed to bringing the best online experience for people from various fields and walks of life.